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Key Benefits

The purpose of the Information Technology Operational assessment is to review the operational aspects of the IT organization, including determining and evaluating:

  • Application development framework and methodology
  • Project management methodology
  • Technical infrastructure support methods and practices

Agile Technology Consultants understands Information Technology is a critical factor to business success. Most organizations leverage IT to assist in delivering products and services to their customers, but few realize the full business benefits that can be achieved from an effective and well-communicated technology strategy.

The agile enterprise and technology changes provide companies new, cost-effective methods to communicate with customers, suppliers, employees, and key business partners. Technology initiatives can enrich customer relationships, shorten supply chains, and streamline internal processes so that a true return on investment is realized. This allows IT to become as integral a part of the business as Marketing, Sales, and new product development. It means IT is very close to the business.

Agile Management Consultants work close to the business and thus, close to the customer, critically important in delivering what the company needs. That connection happens in big ways, like having yearly IT strategic plans approved by a board of business leaders; and in small ways, like having each IT person sit close to the business teams he works with on a day-to-day basis. IT colleagues at every level can now become conversant in the explicitly stated business needs business and have insights into unstated needs.

The first step is to create a strategy and consensus within the organization and build an action plan around initiatives that will deliver the highest return. Utilizing a proven method of strategic plan development, Agile Management Consultants will create a strategic plan designed specifically for your environment and special needs.


Create a candid assessment of IT from a business perspective; includes interviews with:

  • Senior and next level management
  • Operational leaders and key users
  • IT leadership and key IT staff members

Perform a technological review of deployed IT assets, including assessing the technical infrastructure and reviewing:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) [software and hardware]
  • Development methodology


Management report including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed findings
  • Detailed suggested improvements

The report will provide real, actionable recommendations to improve IT function. Improvements will only be suggested as needed. If the IT department is running efficiently, we will tell you that.

Who will conduct your review?

All review consultants are seasoned, experienced, former CIO and director-level executives who have proven track records of achievement.