Key Benefits

  • Assure recoverability of your IMB i Environment
  • Understand Recovery Point and Recovery Time
  • More Efficient use of computer resources
  • Reduce IMB i backup window and improve availability

Some facts about Recovery Testing

  • Test Backups – 90+% of companies fail on first or second try
  • 93% of organizations have executed DR recovery plans (of those that have them)*
  • Average cost of a DR plan implementation is over $250,000*
  • A tested DR plan fails 25% of the time.*
  • Survival rate for companies without a DR plan is less than 10%***
  • 40% of companies with Catastrophic Failure lasting 72 hours fail **
  • Only 15% of IBM i data centers can recover more than 30% of the data at all**

* Symantec Corp. 2009 Published in Network World 7/6/2009
** SAN Institute
*** Touche Ross


  • Recovered system for testing (Limited time)
  • Recovering Report:
    • Changes needed to backup routines
    • Objects that are not recoverable
    • New backup plan for recovery objectives
    • Budgeting items as needed


  • Recovery to Agile provided servers (Onsite or remote)
  • Review of current practices vs. current professional standards
  • Recovery activities until recovery complete (Multiple iterations)
  • Develop recovery strategy based on recovery objectives
  • Build backup plan to support recovery