Key Benefits

  • Certified Professionals
  • Up to date system
  • Monitoring of key system indicators
  • Staff responsible for more productive work

IBM i System Management Services

Business systems software, computer systems, operating systems, and supporting infrastructure technology all need to support the strategies and requirements of a business and its customers.

The IBM i system management retainer provides the confidence to know that the investment in IBM i technology is operating at peak efficiency and managed according to industry best practices.


  • Supports efficient system
  • Current fix levels
  • Periodic reports
  • Staff free to do productive work
  • Expert on call

Retainer Selections

Standard Retainer

  • Cumulative and Group Fix Package installation
    • As planned or every 6 months
    • Planning and acquisition of packages from IBM
    • Creation and loading of virtual image catalogs (tape or optical)
    • Individual PTF acquisition and application as needed
  • FSP/HMC maintenance
    • Review configuration and update as needed (at least every 6 mos.)
    • HMC configuration and update
    • FSP update planning and installation
  • Software installation
    • IBM Licensed program products
    • OEM Vendor program products
    • Updates to OEM software as needed

Gold Retainer (all Standard features, plus)

  • Normal system administration tasks as needed
    • System Tuning and monitoring
    • Network configuration and optimization
  • Performance management and work management
    • Configure and manage job and subsystem descriptions
    • Configure and manage storage pools
    • Manage disk I/O related performance
    • Utilize performance tools for reporting and problem determination

Platinum Retainer (all Gold features, plus)

  • Backup and Recovery, Maintain replication
    • Use back up tools, native or automated
    • Perform restores as needed
    • Manage recovery failures
    • Manage restore security
  • Journaling and Database Management
    • Manage journals, journal receivers and journal performance
    • Manage access path and index creation and maintenance
    • Maintain objects, files and system spaces
    • Manage distributed databases