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Jim Oberholtzer wrote an article for System iNEWS titled “Keep an Eye in Your i with Performance Tools

June 13, 2012

“As the owner of a POWER system loaded with IBM i, you already have the tools to collect and track performance data, and if you work in a shop that has made the jump to i 6.1 (or better yet 7.1), then you have even greater abilities to demystify the performance of your systems, applications, and user response times. While V5R4 has its own robust performance collection abilities, the super-enhanced tooling makes diagnosing and correcting performance issues more complicated than in the later releases.

“Just as with disaster recovery, consistent performance requires a maintenance plan at either the system or application level. In August, I wrote an article about work management and using objects to control how work moves through the system (“Work Management Refresher”). This provides solid knowledge you can use to start analyzing the performance of your system and the applications it runs.